Products for a safer and more secure world

Kindness and consideration can take many different forms. Ours light up in the dark, keep you bright and alert and help you take the right decision the morning after.

At Save Lives Now, we are passionately committed to a single idea: Quite simply, we want to help create a safer and more secure world for all! That is why we have resolved to develop new, innovative products designed to offer you and your loved ones the very best protection in everyday risk situations.

A sign of kindness and consideration may sometimes be as simple as a little flashing heart that makes you visible in the dark! Look after yourself and your loved ones!

Alco – A smart and reliable single-use test

Do you need to drive off early “the morning after” but are a bit unsure whether you still have alcohol in your system? Don’t chance it!

Alco is a single-use breathalyser test that gives you a quick, easy and reliable answer about whether you should give the car a miss. Alco is EU-approved and easy to use, and you get a reliable result within a minute.

Look after yourself and, above all, everyone else around you.

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Flash is our best product if you want to be seen in the dark.

It is easy to fool yourself into thinking you are more visible in the dark than you actually are. When you are out walking with your children, the dog or simply taking an evening stroll, you are usually completely invisible to other road-users.

A Flash LED Light band, vest or stroller harness will increase your visibility massively – up to 300 metres in fact. Good for you, your family and other road-users. It is also a good way of showing consideration for your surroundings and fellow human beings. Look after yourself and your loved ones!

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Blinky is kindness and consideration in its brightest form

Our little flashing LED products, in their Heart, Bear and Smiley versions, are easily attached to clothes, jackets, bikes, pushchairs, etc., so that they are always with you in the dark. They are suitable for everyone – boys and girls, buddies and mates, Mum and Dad. Absolutely everyone.

Blinky is a great little life-saver which has become a children’s favourite – maybe not so surprising, given that it is available in three cool versions and is visible up to 200 metres in the dark.

Which Blinky are you – Heart, Bear or Smiley?

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Awake helps get you safely all the way home

Many of us find driving in the dark or working late tiring, and sometimes we are tempted to fall asleep. Regardless of the situation, sometimes a potentially fatal drowsiness sets in when you are behind the wheel or working at night. That is why we have developed Awake, a selection of aids designed to keep you alert and able to respond quickly in traffic, at work or when you most need to.

Awake Alarm reacts when your head movements indicate that you are on the point of relaxing too much. It emits an inconspicuous alarm signal that helps you stay focused a bit longer.

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